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Where does your money goes if you donate or adopt?

 We guarantee that 100% of your donation or adoption fee goes back to the dogs. We are all volunteers, nobody is paid for their work.

As well as the usual expenses for vaccinations, preventatives, wormers, microchips, spay and neuter costs, and general vetting bills, we also board some dogs at a very reasonable rate, mainly the urgent dogs that are on death row, we need them out and we need them out now, so some money goes to boarding fees.

We do supply food to some of our foster homes, big litters can be expensive to feed! 

Heart worm treatment for dogs is costly, we heart worm treat those that need it.

Special cases, broken limbs and that kind of thing can run into thousands very quickly, when we have the funds, we are more than happy to step up for these cases. 

We have been doing this for years, we have been Go Dogs Go for just a short time. 

This year we donated 100 antlers to the dogs of Macon Bibb animal welfare for Christmas. Not just for Christmas, but because these dogs spend many hours cooped up and they need something to do so don't get kennel aggressive and go nuts. 

We have plans for the future, it all depends on the funds! But we will always put the dogs first.