PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS APPLICATION INTO AN E MAIL, FILL IT OUT AND SEND TO [email protected] or e mail for an application 

We are a GA based rescue that save dogs from animal control facilities with very high rates of euthanasia, all our dogs are keep in foster homes, occasionally they are with the owners that are surrendering them, whenever possible we do put you directly in touch with the foster who knows the dog/pup the best as they are in their home.

We transport to North East once adopted 

Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Godogsgorescue/

All our dogs are fully vetted age permitting and come with at least 2 sets of vaccinations DAPPV (puppies), adults 1 set, plus bordatella and rabies vaccine if age appropriate, Heart worm, flea and tick preventative started, spayed/neutered and microchipped.

They do of course come with a full set of vet records and have completed the required quarantine. 

The adoption fee is $475, All payments are made via PayPal, Venmo or credit/debit card via the PayPal donate button on the website (no PayPal account required)

The first step in the process is to fill out an application 


Name of dog you are applying for

Application date: 

Name of applicant:


Name of co applicant:


Street address:

City, State, Zip:

Home phone:

Cell phone:

Work phone:

E mail address:

Please list 3 personal references: One family member only please! 

1) Name:


Phone number:

2) Name:


Phone number:

3) Name:


Phone number:


How long at present address:

Own or rent:

If rent please provide name address and phone no of landlord:

Please list all adults living in the home including yourself:

Ages of adults

Please list the children living in the home:

Ages of children

Fence-how high and what is it made of ( chain link,stockade,invisible):

If you do not have a fence how would you plan to contain the dog in your yard? (Tie out, runner, remote collar, always on leash)

Have you ever surrendered an animal to an animal shelter?  

If yes what were the circumstances?

Have you ever had to euthanize an animal? 

If yes what were the circumstances?

Do you have other dogs:

Please provide the following for each dog



Spayed/neutered? Y/N

Dominant Y/N


What brand of heart worm preventative do you provide for this dog? 

Do you have cats:

Other Animals:

Details of other animals:

Have you owned a dog before:



What happened to that dog:

What brand of heart worm preventative did you provide for that dog:


If you have owned a dog in the last 10 years, please provide the name, address and telephone number of the vet that dog went to



Phone Number:

(If you do not have a vet, or are planning to change, please provide name and contact information of the vet you are planning to use with your new dog)

Name of vet:

Business name:


Phone number:

Please tell us why you would like to adopt now?

Has anyone you know adopted from our organization? 

If something were to happen to you, what would be the forever plan for your dog?

How would you discipline your dog? 

What is your work schedule?

How long will your dog be alone?

Do you have any provisions in place should the dog be left for a long period of time in the home? Please explain.

When alone where will the dog be kept? ie; free in home, basement, garage, crate, outdoor kennel, tethered?

Where will the dog be during the day?

Where will the dog be at night?

Exercise plan, please explain:

On a scale from 1-10 what energy level are you looking for? 

When out of town what arrangements will you make for this dog?

Do you have any experience with crate training?

Have you ever taken a dog to obedience training?

Would you be willing to do this?

Are you willing to have a GDG volunteer visit your home by appointment?

Please give us any additional information, and which dog you are specifically interested in:


I have read the adoption policies and will agree to abide by these terms if selected to adopt a dog from GDG Rescue inc. I also agree to allow GDG to contact my vet or any of the people listed as references on this application to discuss the information listed herein. I have answered the above questions truthfully and to the best of my ability. I also understand that GDG Rescue inc, may deny my application on any grounds. I understand that if e mailing my application my e mail is my signature. Further, my signature below indicates that I am at least 21 years of age and intend to be the legal owner and the person responsible for the care and well being of any dog I adopt.